Career History

This is the full history of my speedrunning career.  Other platforms may be envolved.

I never heard of speedrunning until I came across SummoningSalt's SMB1 World Record Progression video in January 2017.  And I thought it was unique, however I never considered joining  That changed later that year.  

In late April 2017 (after watching more videos by SummoningSalt), I finally joined, however I didn't have the brightest of beginnings.  Not long after I attempted speedruns of SMB1 I got very frustrated and impatient on completing the game legitimately.  Since I was playing on WiiU VC at the time, I was accompanied with the use of savestates (which obviously isn't allowed), so I took advantage of them and beat the game and submitted rather slow times.  

Moderators didn't start having problems with me until I submitted a 2 hour SMB3 warpless speedrun.  Back then SMB1 didn't require video proof for times slower than 5:05 (iirc), but SMB3 did (and still does).  So I needed video proof to submit my SMB3 run (which I partially completed).  So instead of redoing the run while recording it, I decided to blindly put a kareoke video into the submission que, which was (as to be expected) rejected.

The worst run though was an Any% speedrun for SMB1.  I recorded it and made up my own rules.  I said that everytime I made/resotred a savestate I would remove 2 seconds.  When the run finished my timer said around 8:15, but I "converted" it to around 6:10.  That was the last straw for the mods as they then said I couldn't submit runs anymore.

However I apologized to them and started to submit legitimate runs, starting with a 7:13 done on April 25, 2017.  I would then improve my time to 6:31 which was done the next day.  I would take a big break from speedrunning until December 30th when I came back to improve on my PB once again, I got my NES time down to 6:23, and my SNES time down to 6:14 on December 31st.

On March 12, 2018 I deleted my old account and created a new one.  I did the same thing for Twitch.  Around May 2018 I ditched my old Twitch account and created a new one (which is my current one).  I continued to do speedruns on there and did all of my NES & SNES speedruns on emulator.  For my birthday I got a N64 and did Mario Kart 64 speedruns.  I also played Super Mario 64 over the summer as well.  On September 8, 2018 I got my NES and started a 4 month-long grind on SMB1 any% to get my PB to a low 5 minute time.  I started with 5:27, and brought my time down to 5:05 on Christmas day.  For Christmas 2018 I got a Super Famicom (the Japanese SNES) and played Super Mario Collection (the Japanese Super Mario All-Stars) for a week straight.

In 2019 I would make more goals for speedrunning.  Instead of just getting "good enough" times, I would go for "very good" times, I wanted to get more recognized on Twitch as well.  I also got more into ROM Hacks like "Toad's Adventure" and "Super Mr. Krabs".  I also played All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., SMB3 and Lost Levels.  In February I also got a few WRs on the "Multiple Classic Mario Games" leaderboard.  On February 17 I got the Famicom Any% Trilogy WR with a time of 27:46, 2 days later on the 19th I got 29:14 in NES Any% Trilogy.  And I got a couple other times too. 

Shortly after I got both Any% Trilogy WRs my CRT broke and I couldn't speedrun/live stream for the next 3 weeks.  On March 15, 2019 I got the "GV-USB2" capture card and joined the Twitch Affiliate program.  On March 17, I livestreamed for the first time in weeks and was happy to be joined by nearly all my fans (at the time).  In late April I got my current CRT.

As 2019 went on no major events happened other than the Super Mario Bros. Warpless Tournament, which I tied 5th place in overall, it lasted nearly the entire summer.  In December I exchanged bedrooms so the setup was much different and much better.

As time keeps ticking I improve my PBs and meet more end goals.  Once I reach all my end goals (which can be found by clicking "My Goals" on the left), I will only participate in tournaments/races.  I will not learn other games/category and may essentially mark the end of my speedrunning career.